Taking Inventory

It’s been quiet around here of late because the booze has all been packed away. I’m in the process of refinishing my bar top, which had been painted with a white latex paint by the previous homeowners. Years of liberal dashings of bitters, drips of wine and rings of godknowswhatelse had taken their toll on the surface and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. It’s remarkable how quickly an Angostura stain will set… pretty much instantaneously, in my experience, and it’s not a nice color. That’s all gone now, thanks to the intervention of some potent chemicals, elbow grease, various grades of sandpaper and lots of vacuuming. Now I’ve just to stain it and apply several protective layers of spar urethane. Shouldn’t be more than a week or so.

In boxing all the bottles up, I took the opportunity to dispose of some of the more questionable items that had been hiding in the shadows (where did that blackberry Manischewitz come from?), and inventory the rest of the stock. Not because it’s a particularly exciting read, but because it’s likely to be a long, long time before I do it again. It seemed a worthwhile exercise.
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