Search the Mixosphere!

The MixosphereEver thought about mixing-up something that’s new-to-you, but wanted to see if anyone in your mixological blogroll has had anything to say about it? Needed information about a particular ingredient? Wondered what members of the eGullet, Drinkboy, and Webtender forums had opined on a given topic? Rather than running a load of single searches on each site, or an internet-wide search whose returns are likely to be filled with cruft, try searching the Mixosphere.

Google’s relatively new Co-op service allows the creation of custom search engines, limited to (or just weighted in favor of) specified sites. The Mixosphere Search is a custom search tool that targets not just the sites in the Slakethirst blogroll, but most of the sites in other drinksbloggers’ link collections as well. If you read it (or write it) for cocktail-related information, the Mixosphere Search probably searches it. If it doesn’t, you can add sites yourself (that’s the co-op part, though you’ll need a Google account to contribute).

Some aspects of the tool could use a bit of refining yet — CocktailDB’s “related drinks” listings tend to skew recipe results in its favor, for example — but it’s still pretty handy. Give it a try:

Not dead… just resting.

Based on my publishing schedule, it looks like it’s been … 4 months! since I last had a drink. Which is patently untrue, of course. I could offer up a number of excuses for not posting, but in truth I’ve just been drinking a lot of IPAs, zinfandels and bourbon-and-bitterses. Not that I haven’t shaken up the occasional cocktail, but the lure of other potables has been getting in the way of dedicated, documentary exploration. It happens from time to time. Sometimes for extended periods of time. I’m going to climb back on the mixological wagon though — there are too many drinks undrunk to do otherwise.