The Ideal Bartender

Tom BullockAstute readers of the last few days may have noticed the addition of a new category of content: The Ideal Bartender. I’ve imported Tom Bullock’s 1917 bar book — scanning and proofing courtesy of Project Gutenberg — both as a public service (it’s a bit easier to navigate this way) and with a mind to extensively sample and make notes upon the contents. I wouldn’t qualify it as anything approaching a masterwork, but The Ideal Bartender is an important document from an interesting time. All are invited — exhorted, in fact — to mix it up and comment on Bullock’s recipes as well.

On a technical note, in order to spare the RSS-reading public from a barrage of 176 new entries, the individual posts were timestamped into the past. Limitations of WordPress and my server’s version of PHP mean that the dates cannot be earlier than the unix epoch (Jan 1, 1970 UTC) which makes for a terribly unattractive URL. With some tinkering, I believe I can push them back to 1917, however. So, be warned that bookmarked recipes may break soon, merely to satisfy my own æsthetic sensibilities. Sorry for any inconvenience.