The Pie Slinger

Here’s a random Sunday afternoon concoction. Not so different from an Applejack Sling, it turns out, but richer and more tannic. Almost tea-like.

2 oz. Laird’s applejack
1 oz. Meyer lemon juice
3/4 oz. Tuaca
3/4 oz. pimento dram
2 dashes Fee’s Old Fashioned Bitters

Shake well with cracked ice, strain into highball glass of crushed ice, top with a few squirts of seltzer

I’ve had some homemade pimento dram on hand for several months now, but haven’t really put it to much complicated use. It’s delicious just splashed into a rocks glass filled with ice and the brown spirit of your choice, which is how I’ve been been working my way through it to date. Do yourself a favor and make some, if you haven’t already… you can’t buy the stuff in the States these days, and it’s a unique addition anytime you’re in the mood for some tropical spice. There’s a boatload of sugar in it as well, which allows pimento dram to serve as a grenadine or simple syrup would, while delivering its allspice punch.

At any rate, a sunny(ish) April afternoon begged for a long(ish) drink of some sort. I was thinking of a Brandy Presbyterian — one of Dad’s favorites — when the unlabeled bottle of pimento dram caught my eye and begged to be included. As someone who’s baked more than his share of apple pies, this was a drink I couldn’t help but concoct. There are countless recipes said to approximate the flavor of hot apple pie — this one’s more like a nice slab of cold apple pie straight from the icebox: fruity, sour, tannic and spicy. It’s a very quaffable cooler.

3 thoughts on “The Pie Slinger”

  1. Hmm. I realize, in that there’s applejack, pimento dram and Fee’s bitters called for, this looks to be a long, but abbreviated, relative of Chuck Taggart’s Réveillon cocktail. I’d forgotten about that recipe… my pimento dram was still marinating when Chuck posted it. Reminds me that I need a decent pear eau-de-vie, too.

  2. Oh, I wish you still posted to this blog! In any case, I wanted to see if you had any recipes for Allspice Dram since I was just recently turned on to it. There’s now a dram available in the U.S. — St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram. I’m off to buy a bottle of it at the Pearl District liquor store. I want to make some kind of “apple pie” cocktail. I’m pick up Calvados and the dram and I’m thinking I could add some cream to it…? I’m not an experienced mixologist so I’m kind of guessing. We’ll see!

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