The Release Candidate

1 very healthy slug rye
1 careless splash creme de cassis
3 liberal dashes Regans’ Orange Bitters


Or something like that. When you stagger home at 2am, after another 16-hour day at the code mine, getting-on towards the end of a 92-hour week, it’s conceivable that anything tastes good. This just did.

I should determine if such a thing has a name already, but I’m about to face-plant. If it doesn’t, I dub it (the eventually-to-be-refined version) the Release Candidate, in honor of the labyrinthian nightmare of XML and actionscript that’s being shipped — hell, high-water, or heart attacks notwithstanding — tomorrow night. Oh. Make that tonight. Shite. Goodnight.

4 thoughts on “The Release Candidate”

  1. Remind me again what Creme de Cassis is. Is it the clear blackberry cordial, w drizzle of which makes white wine into a Kir? Now I will have to go and get some, dammit! I am now stocked with Regan’s Orange Bitters, and they made good gifties for the bar crowd. I have been enjoying my Laird’s Applejack. Writing to the company resulted in a nice reply with recipes and info. Cheers!

  2. Crème de Cassis is the dark red black currant cordial, a drizzle of which makes white wine into a Kir. Don’t buy some on account of the RC1 above — which I’ve yet to revisit, and whose posting was more of a note-to-self and a general gnashing of teeth than a suggestion to others — but do buy some on account of the Teresa, which I know to be delicious.

    Speaking of delicious things brought to us by Gary Regan, did you find your Regans’ #6 in a local store, by the way? I had to order mine from the Buffalo Trace gift shop, and have yet to see it for sale in the Real World. It’d be heartening to know that it was getting some shelf space.

  3. Ohhh. Actually, I need the the Cassis anyway because it shows up in so many vintage recipes. I had to buy my bitters online too at Buffalo Trace. Sheesh, they were so cheap! Like you, I’d love to see Gary’s stuff get more exposure. Have you ever been to Gary’s cocktail seminars?

    I may be going to visit the Pegu Club in NYC next week, since I am making a quick stop in the city. Have you been there? I also love the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station, with its Prohibition menu.

  4. Nope, I’ve never attended the Regans’ Cocktails in the Country, nor been to the Pegu Club. It’s been just over a decade since I was last on the eastern seaboard, more’s the pity; somehow work never seems to take me farther east than Ohio.

    Hope you did manage to hit some of the great watering holes while you were in the city … I really should try to land a NYC-based client, in the interest of underwriting a few trips to the Pegu for myself.

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