Some new resources

I’ve recently added a few sidebar links that are worth highlighting:

Chuck Taggart’s Gumbo Pages is an excellent site documenting the gamut of his interests. Chuck knows what it means to miss New Orleans and has a lot to say about its gustatory pleasures, both in his recipe section and throughout his blog, Looka! Of particular interest to me — though it’s all good — is his detailed documentation of cocktails, which I’ve pinned to the sidebar as a resource.

On the other side of the planet, Japanese engineer and hobbyist Tomohiko Takeuchi serves up Takeuchi’s Homebar, wherein he diligently mixes cocktails of his own devising, lovingly photographs them for posterity, and composes something akin to a haiku to describe each one. I’ve yet to actually try anything from the Takeuchi Homebar menu, but his incredibly obsessive attention to detail keeps me returning to browse anew. Some call for particularly weird ingredients, though.