One thought on “Polo Players’ Delight – Horse’s Neck”

  1. Bullock is likely calling for Cantrell & Cochrane (with a terminal e) ginger ale. The firm exists unto this day, as a major Irish beverage and snack manufacturer, doing business as The C & C Group, PLC. They claim to have been the first producers of Ginger Ale — perhaps in mass-production — and it is still available, should you feel inclined to be terribly purist about this recipe. Somehow I doubt the formula has remained unchanged, however.

    In 2004, a submersible exploring the wreck of the Titanic discovered a bottle of Cantrell & Cochrane ginger ale amongst the wreckage. Both their ginger ale and lemonade were served to first class passengers.

    Bullock is loose with his e’s in this entry (and elsewhere), for the gin he’s calling is very probably Sir Robert Burnett’s (no terminal e). The brand is currently owned by Heaven Hill Distillery, and while they don’t make an Old Tom (Boord’s is the only Old Tom, I believe), one might try sweetening-up some of Sir Robert’s London Dry. Particularly if you’re using some C&C Ginger Ale.

    Erik, at Gin and Tacos, has done a bit of digging through the archives of the Times of London, and finds the ‘legend’ of Sir Robert — supposed Lord Mayor of London and gin-concocter — to be rather suspect.

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