Ladies’ Delight – Thursday Luncheon Punch

1 quart of Orange Pekoe Tea (cold).
1 quart of Old Country Club Brandy.
1 pint of Lemon Juice.
1 pint of Orange Juice.
½ pint of Pineapple Juice.
2 quarts Berncastler Berg.
1 pint of Bar Sugar.

Use a large Punch bowl with one Lump of Ice.
Pour in mixture; add one quart of Cook’s Imperial Champagne.
Stir well; decorate with fresh Mint, Fruit in season, and serve.

One thought on “Ladies’ Delight – Thursday Luncheon Punch”

  1. The “2 quarts Berncastler Berg.” may be a reference to Bernkasteler Burghof‘s Radler, a German beer blended with lemon-lime, much like shandy. However, apocryphal accounts of Radler’s creation date it to 1920-1922, in which case it seems unlikely that Bullock would be mixing with it stateside in 1917.

    Perhaps more appetizing in a punch, Bullock could be calling for a wine from Bernkastel, which is renowned for its Rieslings.

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