Garden Punch

(2½ gallon mixture for a party of 50)

Place a good size block of Ice in a large Punch bowl.
4 jiggers Lemon Juice.
1½ lbs. Bar Sugar.
2 jiggers Orange Juice.
1½ jiggers green Chartreuse.
1 quart Brandy.
6 Quarts Tokay or Sweet Catawba Wine.
2 quarts Claret Wine.

Stir well; ladle into Stem glasses, and decorate each glass with Fruit before serving.

2 thoughts on “Garden Punch”

  1. There are French and Californian Tokays, but here Bullock is undoubtedly calling for the Hungarian Tokay, a dessert wine once coveted by the crowned heads of Europe, which owes its intensity of flavor to the Botrytis cinerea fungus.

    Catawba was the first truly successful American wine grape, developed and widely grown in Ohio in the 19th century, and quite the thing to drink, both in still and sparking bottlings. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote an ode to it, so fond was he of Catawba.

    It has been suggested elsewhere that Madeira approximates the flavor of Catawba, if you have neither it nor Tokay available.

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