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Catawba Cobbler

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Fill large Bar glass ½ full of Shaved Ice.

1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar dissolved in a little Water.
1½ jiggers Catawba Wine.
¼ slice of Orange.

Fill with Shaved Ice; stir well; decorate with Berries and serve with Straws.

Bishop a la Prusse

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Before a Fire or in a Hot Oven roast 6 large Oranges until they are of a light brown color, and then place them in a deep dish and scatter over them ½ lb. of Granulated Sugar and pour on 1 pint of Port or Claret Wine. Then cover the dish and set aside for 24 hours before the time to serve.

When about ready for the service, set the dish in boiling water; press the Juice from the Oranges with a large spoon or wooden potato masher and strain the Juice through a fine seive or cheese cloth. Then boil 1 pint of Port or Claret and mix it with the Strained Juice.

Serve in stem Claret glasses while warm. A little Nutmeg on top improves the drink, but should not be added unless requested by customer or guest.