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California Wine Cobbler

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Fill tall, thin glass nearly full Shaved Ice.

1 heaping teaspoonful Bar Sugar.
Juice of 1 Orange.
2½ jiggers California Wine.

Stir; ornament with Fruit and serve with Straws.

Cordial Lemonade

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Add to a plain Lemonade ⅓ Jigger of any Cordial which the customer may prefer, and serve.

French Pousse Cafe

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Fill a Pousse Cafe glass ½ full of Maraschino and add: Raspberry Syrup, Vanilla, Curacoa, Chartreuse and Brandy in equal proportions until the glass is filled. Then proceed as for Abricontine Pousse Cafe.

Shandy Gaff

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Use a large Bar glass.
Fill half the glass with Porter and half with Ginger Ale.

It is also made with half Ale and half Ginger Ale.

Applejack Sour

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Fill large Bar glass ¾ full Shaved Ice.

2 teaspoonfuls Bar Sugar, dissolved in little Water.
3 dashes lemon or Lime Juice.
1 jigger Applejack.

Stir well; strain into Sour glass; dress with Fruit and Berries and serve.