About Slakethirst

First off, attribution is due to Ken30684, whose CC-licensed Flickr photo forms part of Slakethirst’s header.

Slakethirst started-off 5 years ago, as a means of tracking some cider I was making. Frankly, I don’t even remember when it became a blog … the earliest entries (like this one) were transcribed from a 3-ring binder and back-dated, and I went through a few packages before settling down comfortably with WordPress — not always transferring all posts — so it’s all a bit hazy.

It was meant to be a collection of notes-to-self, generated and maintained through open source blogging software because, well, I was just interested in small-scale content-management systems. Initially I intended to use it to document the cidermaking doings, but I’d kinda fallen off that hobby horse, and so extended my range of subject matter to gardening, bicycling, blogging, and whatever else struck my fancy. It was really just an exercise in generating and managing content, audience be damned.

Indeed, until sometime in 2005, Slakethirst’s robots.txt file was configured to turn away all bots, deny archiving, and generally ensure that the wider Internet was unaware of its existence. You could get here, but first you’d have to know that there was a here to get to. When I finally opened up the gates and invited GoogleBot et al. inside, it was for the same reason that I started the blog in the first place: curiosity about technology. I wanted to play with Google Analytics and other metrics packages, but needed to have some real organic traffic first. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate having interested, commenting visitors — it’s a great pleasure to exist as a minor stop on the fringes of the cocktail-blogging community. An unlooked-for pleasure — I am in no wise expert, but a ham-fisted dabbler — but thank you all for deigning to visit.

So, despite appearances, this was never meant to be a blog all about cocktails — though I grant that the name isn’t a bad fit. I just happened to get on a really long run of posts about drinks that I liked (or didn’t), documenting them for my own ends, and suddenly became niche. Slakethirst was really meant to be about whatever satisfied the metaphorical thirsts I have. Sometimes cocktail-related, to be sure, but sometimes agricultural or technological. In many instances, things of little interest to anyone other than myself. It began because I was interested in the medium itself, and someday this will likely lead to my running ads has led to my mucking with Google AdSense, for the first-hand experience of that aspect of a modern micro-scale web property. I apologize, and promise to donate all proceeds to thirsty strangers (once there are proceeds, that is).

The non-cocktailian content has been recently relocated to another domain of mine. Sorry for any 404’s.

Anyway, that’s the history. What’s it all about? From here on out, it’s about drinks. Thanks for stopping by. -c