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The MixosphereEver thought about mixing-up something that’s new-to-you, but wanted to see if anyone in your mixological blogroll has had anything to say about it? Needed information about a particular ingredient? Wondered what members of the eGullet, Drinkboy, and Webtender forums had opined on a given topic? Rather than running a load of single searches on each site, or an internet-wide search whose returns are likely to be filled with cruft, try searching the Mixosphere.

Google’s relatively new Co-op service allows the creation of custom search engines, limited to (or just weighted in favor of) specified sites. The Mixosphere Search is a custom search tool that targets not just the sites in the Slakethirst blogroll, but most of the sites in other drinksbloggers’ link collections as well. If you read it (or write it) for cocktail-related information, the Mixosphere Search probably searches it. If it doesn’t, you can add sites yourself (that’s the co-op part, though you’ll need a Google account to contribute).

Some aspects of the tool could use a bit of refining yet — CocktailDB’s “related drinks” listings tend to skew recipe results in its favor, for example — but it’s still pretty handy. Give it a try:

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13 Responses to “Search the Mixosphere!”

  1. Rick says:

    This is quite fine, I must say. It will be wonderful to have a search engine for good information on cocktails!

  2. This is quite cool!

    Thanks for putting it together. I expect I will be using it quite often.

  3. c says:

    Hmm. I’ve disabled the “co-op” element of the search for the time being… Google really hasn’t quite hit the mark with this one yet. It’s not successfully collaborative, and doesn’t provide the tools to work together well … as it stands, it’s more of a several-people-working-alone-potentially-at-cross-purposes-and-merging-their-results-search. Which is less than optimal, as it tends to undermine the whole point of the specialized search in the first place. Botheration.

  4. Scottes says:

    Very interesting, and quite useful. Thanks for putting this together!

    How does one get added to the list of sites to search? I run a blog about Rum, which seems like it could be appropriate for the search sites.

  5. Although we’re not cocktail-only, we have a weekly cocktail feature on our blog. We’d love to be added to the list of preferred sites, too.

  6. c says:

    Well, this was a long time in coming, but I’ve added both scottesrum and marriedwithdinner to the mixosphere. Not that it sees much use, but, you know, best intentions. There are doubtless other sites I should add (and others still to be culled) while I dust things off and bring Slakethirst up out of its deep, broken hibernation. It’s no longer singing “Daisy,” at least, which is a start. Cheers!

  7. Michelle says:

    I have been wracking my brain for the name of a Christmas drink we used to enjoy years back in Mexico. It was a marvelous thing and I really wish I could reproduce it. I can’t remember the name or even a fraction of the ingredients (I do recall that it was quite lengthy). It had a lot of fruit and big chunks of sugarcane that were all boiled together. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

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    yes this is a great thing especially if you use the same sites over and over I have been using rollyo for a while now with this type of custom search engine,

  9. I’ve disabled the “co-op” element of the search for the time being… Google really hasn’t quite hit the mark with this one yet. It’s not successfully collaborative, and doesn’t provide the tools to work together,Well posting is great,Thanks for info

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  11. Rachel says:

    I have only been playing around with the coop service from Google for over 1 day now. I am curious to see how it goes..


  12. stoneisland says:

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  13. Reuben says:

    interesting. always looking for new drink ideas and ways to put things together. had a few mishaps from curiousity so it’ll be nice to see what others have tried.