On the Nature of Slakethirst

I’d like to direct your attention, Gentle Reader, to the RSS Feed for the Cocktails category. If you are subscribed to the full Slakethirst RSS feed, and are really only interested in the occasional drinks-related post, then you’ll probably want to switch-over.

It’s not that I intend to blog any less frequently about alcoholic potations — my love of mixed drinks hasn’t diminished in the least — but rather that I intend to blog more frequently about non-cocktailian matters. I know, I know, one of the secrets to successful blogging is picking your ground and staying on-topic. Fortunately, it’s not my goal to be a successful blogger, and I wish to reserve the right to post about vegetables.

There’s a nascent layout at the back of my mind that I’ll get around to implementing someday; one that will give primacy to the drinks-related content while relegating navel-gazing posts like this one to a well-deserved life below the fold. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist yet, so you’re stuck reading the standard old reverse-chronological melange (albeit freshly three-columnized). That means sometimes the top story will be a rippingly exciting note on the progress of the Brussels sprouts. Sorry about that. Once again, I advocate the RSS Feed for the Cocktails category.

Update: after all that, I finally did decide to relocate the personal stuff to a different domain. It’s certainly easier than coming up with a new layout 🙂

4 thoughts on “On the Nature of Slakethirst”

  1. Okay. I’m new here. And I bumped into the blog as the result of a Google search on “Falernum.” Just wanted to let you know that I clicked on the “the RSS Feed for the Cocktails category” link and was taken to nowhere. I’m told that the page does not exist. I’m not too familiar with the RSS thing. Is there some other way I’m supposed to access the feed?

    Great blog overall, though. I might just plow my way through the Non-Cocktail related content and find some stuff I like a lot.


  2. Hmmm indeed. There’s no problem that I can find… your comments did show up — there are a few spam filters applied, so it might take more than 30 seconds. I’ve never timed it. Re: the RSS feed, it seems to be working for me. You do need an application capable of interpreting RSS feeds, however. I’m a Mac user, and Safari 2.0 is sufficient to my RSS needs. I don’t know from the Windows side of RSS, but here is a list of 10 well-reviewed feed readers for Windows.

  3. I’ve tried to make things a bit simpler, Traitor Vic, and am now publishing the canonical feeds through FeedBurner, which does handy things like automatically formatting the feed to your application’s highest supported standard. So, if you hit the Cocktails Feed with IE or Firefox now, it will render it in html, instead of barking about not grokking the format, but if you sub with an app that understands flavors of Atom or RSS, you’ll get one of those instead.

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