Give Me Seltzer

podcast iconToday’s thirst-slaking podcast of note is Give Me Seltzer [iTunes], from Brooklynite Barry Joseph, The Effervescent Jew.

Barry’s mad for seltzer in a way that I think only New Yorkers can be, and is in the process of penning its definitive history. The podcasts don’t reveal much about the forthcoming book’s contents, but he’s managed to produce nine entertaining seltzer-centric episodes to date — largely man-on-the-street interviews — in a This American Life mode. So far there’s been no real mention of seltzer in cocktails, sadly — Barry’s favorite seltzer-based beverage is an Egg Cream from Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop — but I’m sure he’ll get around to it some day. After all, the seltzer bottle is one of the most iconic and evocative pieces of bar equipment there is, on par with the martini glass and cobbler shaker. Better yet, it has shiny moving parts and valves and O-rings and CO2 cylinders and whatnot. I myself have ten eleven of the things (looks like I just won another in an eBay auction), for the sheer love of their form.

If you check out the Give Me Seltzer podcasts, do yourself a favor and start with episode #1 … they build on each other, and the most recent won’t be nearly as interesting if you’ve not heard what’s gone before.

3 thoughts on “Give Me Seltzer”

  1. Thanks for giving me props on your site, and such an interersting overview of the podcast. I do plan to do a piece about Seltzer in cocktails, and in bars in general. Anyone interested in being interviewed should feel free to visit the site and/or email me.
    P.S. I’ll definitely give a mention of your site on an upcoming podcast.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation – you were so right! These podcasts are totally fun. I’ve subscribed to it through iTunes and I can’t wait for the next one. Who would’ve thought it, but after hearing these podcasts I bet the seltzer book is going to be great.

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