The Police Gazette

Police GazetteFirst off, a big tip of the hat to The Cocktail Chronicles for introducing me to this one. Paul’s much more informative exploration of the Police Gazette can be found here. I reproduce the recipe (as I make it) because if I thought it would help, I’d put up billboards, run off flyers, and write a song or two. It’s really that good. Spicy, herbal, bitter, sweet … complex but perfectly unified, strong but soft-edged. An ideal cocktail, and yet not in the CocktailDB. I may have to start a petition.

3 oz. rye
2 dashes dry vermouth
2 dashes curaçao (orange or white)
2 dashes maraschino
3 dashes simple syrup
2-4 dashes Fee Bros. aromatic bitters, to taste

Fill your mixing tin with crushed ice, add the above, stir and strain.

I’m using Old Overholt rye and Maraska maraschino, Cinzano vermouth and Bols orange curacao. I’ve made it with both Angostura and Fee’s, and while they each have their charms, I’m partial to the latter. I’ll also confess to a bit of sloppiness in the “dash” department — my dashes are unmeasured micro-glugs — but some day I should get around to precisely quantifying exactly how I like it. Technically, a dash is 1/8 tsp, so measure/eyeball accordingly. I’m almost certainly mixing mine a bit wetter than I should, but then again Paul’s gone so far as to cut the rye back to 2 oz, so there must be a fairly forgiving range of ratios.

It’s worth noting that while the Police Gazette is unlikely to appear on your local’s featured drinks list, maraschino is the only uncommon constituent element. Find a bar with maraschino, convince the noble behind the mahogany to produce one, and the dominos may start to fall.

Update : More precise delivery of the dashes — 1/4 oz maraschino, 1/4 oz curaçao, 1/4 oz vermouth, 3/8 oz syrup — reveals that the recipe I cite above is either too heavy on the rye or a bit light on the other ingredients for my taste. It’s a terrible shame, but I’m forced to continue investigating this matter.

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  1. […] Slakethirst has a very nice writeup regarding the Police Gazette (and notices the lack of a recipe for this drink on Ensuring the writer a permanent place in my heart, and my will (should I ever have something to leave behind, save a dog-eared copy of David Embury and a down-at-the-heels cocktail shaker), the recipe posted calls for Old Overholt rye, and cites a preference for the lively flavor of Fees Old-Fashioned Aromatic Bitters. […]

  2. Rachel says:

    Been looking for an unconventional cocktail like police gazette for a while now. Gonna make this one big time during weekends and see if I can beat you in the dashes department.

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  3. Taylor Timms says:

    One of the very useful article that I ever read, I will try to make that one of these days.

    Taylor Timms
    Author of Top Bikini Pictures book!

  4. Katie Smith says:

    Big time cocktail. I’ve been trying to produce one sine last week and it seems that I lack one of the ingredients. would try to do it again using your recipe. Thanks

    Katie Smith
    My Blog: ray-j-tape

  5. Anne Cole says:


    What ingredients did you lack? I followed the recipe but I don’t like the taste of the finish product. I don’t really know if I made it right.

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  6. Donna says:

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  7. Kate Wilson says:

    Sounds new,I will love to try this at home, I never try this before,looking forward to see new experiment. Good job!

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  8. Graham says:

    Not even heard of Maraschino before, I’ll have to check it out down my local supermarket and treat myself to this recipe…purely for quality control purposes you understand 😉

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