The Rob Roy

3 oz. Teacher’s blended Scotch whisky
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
1/2 oz. dry vermouth
4 dashes Fee’s orange bitters

Ice well, stirring, swirling, or otherwise gently chilling, and strain. A maraschino cherry is the traditional garnish.

The Rob Roy is a fine cocktail that almost any liquor cabinet should be able to produce: it asks for little in the way of the exotic and doesn’t even require fresh fruit! I judge it to be mild, smooth and delicious… a pale, aromatic, eminently quaffable concoction. I made a few this evening after noting that Looka!‘s cocktail of the day today was the Perfect Manhattan, which seemed a good idea. Forgetting that I have a bottle of bourbon, I reached for the scotch instead, the substitution of which yields a Rob Roy. Quite a happy accident.

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3 Responses to “The Rob Roy”

  1. Matthew Thiel says:

    I think it’s time I worked on my bar some more, as I’ve been neglecting my basic components. My girlfriend is a complete cocktail nut, but neither of us has had room to store a proper selection of spirits until recently. On a related note, I think I’ll take some time this summer shopping the yard sales for a tall cabinet I could turn into a neat mini-bar. I need to take my drinking more seriously, after all.

  2. Centralia Enterprise And Tribune, 4th December 1897

    “The Fifth Avenue hotel has two new drinks this winter, the Star cocktail and the Rob Roy cocktail. The Star has a flavor of Jersey about it, for its chief ingredient is apple jack, vermouth and orange bitters making up the rest. Of course, the Rob Roy is made of Scotch whisky. It is completed by vermouth and orange bitters.”