All Done

There was more sludge than I thought initially, but the final yield was 39 12oz bottles and 5 double-deuces. Capped in green.

I found that I had left a convenient note-to-self on the glass, in Sharpie, which was unreadable against the dark cidery background. Filled on November 12 of 2002, Carboy No. 5 was 4 gallons of Skurdahl blend and 1 quart of pureed blackberries from Ian’s backyard patch. No mention of the yeast pitched, if any, but that’ll be in the Logbook, wherever it’s gotten itself to.

Regrettably, I had the racking tube set a bit too low when I started bottling, so some of the first few have a fair bit of blackberry sediment in them. Feh. So there are a few seeds… it’s a distinction of the handcrafting process 🙂